Ranking the Best Wings in Charlotte in 2020

There are so many great wing options in Charlotte, NC that it’s difficult to pick our Top-3. Here are the ones that have really stood out to us, and most importantly – have been the same level of quality, each and every time we go back:

1. Mert's Heart & Soul

Traditional whole chicken wings, golden fried to perfection. They are so juicy, so simple, and so full of flavor. You get 3 whole wings that break apart for a total of 6 (3 drumsticks and 3 flats). The meal comes with two sides, such as their famous collard greens, green beans, or homemade coleslaw. Every meal also comes with a warm piece of cornbread and some sweet butter on the side. You’ll be certain to leave Mert’s Heart And Soul with a Happy Belly, and without breaking open your bank account.

2. The Daily Tavern

They only have one flavor of wing, but it’s all they need. The Daily Tavern has changed their menu several times, but their Homemade Honey Buffalo Hot Sauce Wings will always have a spot on the small plates portion of their menu. Choose between homemade ranch and homemade blue cheese to balance out the sweet heat. If you still have room for an even happier belly, try one of their signature desserts like banana pudding or chocolate S’mores cup.

3. Heist Brewery

Heist Brewery is known for its comfortable atmosphere and quality local beers. Located in the NoDa area of Charlotte, this is a super popular place because of the indoor and outdoor sitting areas, as well as large open glass windows for a direct view of their brewing operation. What you may not know is that Heist Brewery has a phenomenal menu and an amazing kitchen.  Their Jumbo Whole Wings are grilled to perfection and tossed in buffalo, sweet and spicy, or our personal favorite – the Smoky House BBQ.


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